I still love you – Miss A Suzy (Big OST) translate english

Published Juni 25, 2014 by A M A L I A

I STILL LOVE YOU- Suzy Miss A (Big OST) translate in english

I know I shouldn’t cry already but why do I keep crying?

My heart toward you acts however it wants, so it keeps sending me to you

It’s hurts so much that I’m the only one who feels like this, that you aren’t looking at me

Though you are probably uncomfortable with me

Because our happy and good times keep passing me by

Because I feel like I will regret this till I die. I have something to tell you right now

I still love you, I love you. Though I don’t know anything else, I know I want you

The more I try to approach you, the more I try to get closer

You try to run away and that makes me lonely. My tears are not stopping

You can’t get farther away. Don’t run away, don’t turn away from me

Whenever you want to come back, you can come back to me. Because I love you

I’m okay even if you don’t love. If I can just see you, I’m fine with anything

The more I love you, the deeper this gets. You get farther away and that scares me

My tears are not stopping



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