Go To Korea

Published Juni 25, 2014 by A M A L I A



Hi.. Eventhough I went to Korea a long ago (August 19, 2013), I want to tell story about my trip to Korea. I hope this posting will give you information about place, price or something else about korea. Before that, I’ll tell you how and when I start like korea. I like korea when I was in junior high school, maybe at that time I didn’t crazy about korea, but when I watched korean drama in 2010 “Scent of Woman” I started crazy about it.

The drama is tell about how korean man love a woman with their heart and they will do anything for the woman, the woman is sick (cancer) and the man is loyal and always accompany her anytime and anywhere. The actor name is Lee Dong Wook, he really makes me crazy.

After that, everyday I watched the other korean drama who act by Lee Dong Wook like “partner”, “the recipe”, “my girl”, “hotel king” and “roomates”. Then I watched other actor like Kim Soo Hyun, Rain, Ji Sung, Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho, etc.

Because I like korean drama so much, I also give a attention about the place where they shooting, like namsan tower, jeju-do, Deoksogung and Gyeongbokgung Palace, etc. I wonder how it like with my own eyes.

How beautiful they are, how kind the people in there, how about the style they wear,etc. Then my sister who also crazy about korea too ask me “let’s go to korea!”, and then I and her in 2013 go to korea.

I go to Konna Beans (a caffee who own by Kyuhyun, Sungmin and Lee Teuk Super Junior), SM entertainment old buildings, gyeongbokgung and deoksogung palace, namsan tower, 63 buildings, Sejong statue, myeongdong, dongdaemun, etc in 4 day 5 night. I go to Korea by AirAsia plane. I got a cheaper price because I bought the ticket when there are a promo.

The thing that makes me worry is about the language, I didn’t understand about hangul, but the people in Korea is very kind, they are try to help us eventhough they didn’t understand what we talk, but when we tell a place like “namsan tower”, they will understand and give a information with body language.

The subway is really good, they are so dicipline and in korea have 3 language direction for tourist (japanese, chinese, english)

I really want to go back to korea, it’s romantic country with beautiful scene. There is a river, the name is Han River, Fountain River (Rainbow River). It’s best place when you go with you beloved boyfriend or hushband.

Maybe the price in there is more expensive than in Indonesia, but it’s more great, famous, and better place to go if you want a refreshing. The food is really delicious too. KOREA IS THE BEST



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