For Examples of coordinating conjunction

Published April 22, 2011 by A M A L I A

Examples of coordinating conjunctions:
1. Abb likes  sunda special food and palembang special food
2. She like milk, but he doesn’t like coffee
3. Kaori didn’t know what to choose red or blue shirt
4. Jason studied diligently for graduation
5. Wooyoung likes pizza, so does Nick
6. Nick went on vacation to Jakarta and Bali
7. Joe can play bowling, but he can not play biliard
8. Miley give a gift to Mitchie  and Selena
9. Jason doesn’t know what to choose who to become his lover, whether or eunjung jieun
10. Ani like jason, but couldn’t express her feelings
11. Kevin likes playing skating and skiing
12. Joe doesn’t like tea or coffee
13. Habibi didn’t like cycling, nor does inspiration
14. Nick made ​​friends with miley and Selena
15. She went shopping together and Sachi lia


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