cordinating conjunction

Published April 22, 2011 by Be Possitive Be Creative

cordinating conjuntion is the conjunction between 2 or more words (words to words), phrases to phrases, clauses to clauses placed in the middle or between the two sentences, rather than at the beginning or end of sentence.

Between two word to words, phrases to phrases, don’t use comma, commas should be used in 3 words, phrases, or clauses,  except in 2 independent clause compound sentence put a comma before cordinating conjunctions.

For example: for two words without the use of conjunctive use commas
@   Abi likes to play basketball and football
@   she likes to watch anime and read comics
For example: 3 words that use the comma
@ Abby likes playing basketball, soccer, and badminton
@ kaoru love watching anime, reading comics, and novels

For example: a clause that uses a comma
@ habibi came late, so she did not take the exam
@ kaoru been studying diligently, but he still could not do the exam


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