SWOT analysis PT. Kimia Farma

Published April 8, 2011 by Be Possitive Be Creative

PT. Kimia Farma


PT. Kimia Farma Apotek headed by a director (Director). Managing Director in charge of two directors (Director of Operations and Director of Development), and directly supervises three managers (Human Resources and General Manager, Manager of Finance and Accounting, as well as the IT Manager). Operations Director himself in charge: Manager Operations, and Logistics Services Manager and Business Manager. Meanwhile, Director of Development oversees: Market Development Manager.


* Strong (Strength)
o Many products Kimia Farma an innovator by developing drugs and new chemical formulations either by itself or through strategic alliances with international partners and many produce new products based on high technology
o The generic drug is one of the competitive pharmaceutical products because of its cheaper price and have the same quality drug prices patent / trademark first
o 340 pharmacies in all over the country that leads the market with market domination in the field perapotikan
o Serve direct sales and service prescription
o Provide other services, such as physician practices, optics, and service of OTC (supermarkets) as well as drug information service center
o Apotek Kimia Farma led by trained pharmacists who worked full-timers so that it can serve well the drug information

* Weakness (Weakness)
o Variations Packaging generic drugs have a negative rating, so the management company must take action to entice consumers to use generic drugs

* Opportunity (Opportunity)
o Health Care System is fair to distribute of doctors including specialists needed
o Policies to market generic drugs made by companies and consumer demand will increase the number of drugs as a whole is still not being met
o The number of Indonesian population and the still low per capita drug consumption cause a potential market that can be developed

* Threat (Threat)
o The economic crisis led to the purchasing power of Indonesian folk medicine to decrease and threatening the survival of the national pharmaceutical industry mainly for local market
o The Legal System of counterfeit drugs has not been able to cope effectively so that price becomes more difficult to control drug
o The market breadth is to be achieved, which penetrate the international market will also increase the pharmaceutical business competitors


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