several reasons for using the internet

Published April 8, 2011 by A M A L I A

1. Provide the information I need, so I can work tasks

2. can be accessed at anytime and not limit the time (24 hour access)

3. Quick access

4. Relatively cheap cost

5. social networks: networking facebook, twitter, etc.
with the social networks we can add friends and tighten the relationship

6. LikeGtalk such as IM, yahoo and skype Massager

7. As with entertainment can view videos like on youtube, etc.

8. Download / transfer files such as songs, videos for free

9. With the internet I can find out news that is up to date

10. online education, learning a foreign language like Korean. can gain knowledge about various foreign languages​​.

Name: Rizki Amalia Febriani

Class: 1EA04

NPM: 16210120




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