the power of mother

Published April 5, 2011 by A M A L I A

mother was the one who gave birth to us, who care for us from small to adult. mother to keep us well, we want to be what the aspire. mother never forced us to do what we do not want, mom always support us, help us, and pray we get something good. Mothers provide the best for us, mother forgive all our mistakes whether intentional or unintentional. mothers know and understand us without us having to explain first, because the mother has a very strong instinct toward her son. road show a good mother, and advised us when we are a little lost. mother always watches over us, be careful every step we are not to be involved in the abyss of life. mother wanted to we could be a star who can light up the night and beautify life. mother’s wishes.

mother gives her love to us. when the mother is sad, he never shows his grief for his child, but when she saw her son sad, heart of the mother more pain. mother understands our feelings but we do not understand the feelings of mothers who most deeply, because that’s the power of mother


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