the power of friendship

Published April 5, 2011 by A M A L I A

there were two friends named lia and Disti. they are high school students leading the country in his hometown. lia and New Disti bersabat in high school, junior high school when friends just plain Disti lia at tutoring. but eventually they are friends. Disti high school in class 1 and class lia, they were always together. in semester 2 there is a new student named nia, nia is a transfer student. lia feel close to nia. lia is the first friend nia while in high school. eventually three of them are friends. during a study tour to TMII nia friends with another classmate named Iges. That’s when the four of them are friends with the good.
In grade 2, and iges, Disti classmates in IPS 2, lia in class IPS 1, IPS nia in class 3. their friendship is tested with the problem is with the younger class. the problem is very complicated, the problem is in dedicated to lia. lia in the accused’s brother has memblack list class. Disti, nia, and IGES are very protective of lia. they are not so sure if lia. the problem is very complicated to tell. since then their friendship is more familiar. in class 3, nia, lia, Disti Iges has a new friend named made​​. actually made ​​is lia classmate in grade 2. but whilst in class 2 lia and made ​​not so close, but in class 3 them closer. lia and kept together and then made ​​friends with Disti, nia, and Iges. to complete high school were four of them remain friends with both, even though they far apart. That’s the power of friendship


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