only regret that can be felt

Published April 4, 2011 by Be Possitive Be Creative

past it was hard to forget, let alone past that is very impressive. That is what is felt Ania. she’s hard to forget her past with someone named Ridwan. Ridwan and Ania friends since junior high, but not too close , Ridwan was not famous at school. but he is best known in high school and hang out with people. Both are close to the time in junior high school grade 2 when they also had a classmate in class 2 as well. Ridwan very concern with Ania, Ania just a day off school on Ania Ridwan had asked “why did you not go to school yesterday?”, And Ridwan always help Ania at computer lesson, because Ridwan very proficient in the computer field. Ania did not realize that Ridwan like her, narrowly focused attention Ania with Abi (the man who from the beginning of high school Ania like). every break Ania always to class Abi, but abi no attention with Ania. Ridwan watched, and while in grade 3 Ridwan turn into a cool guy to Ania. Ania become so confused why Ridwan.
the day of mercy getting smarter and more preferably a woman, there are classmates who liked named Nita. Nita and Ridwan very close to making Ania jealous. but Ania still hypnotized by abi. Ania finally realized if mercy never liked it. Ania want a good time to mercy, mercy no more attention with Ania, instead he is very ignorant and do not want to close with Ania. Ania feel she is the dumbest thing a woman can not see a good man beside him until he lost that person. only regret was that he felt until now. Ania is stupidest girl in the world


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