Noun clause

Published Maret 31, 2011 by Be Possitive Be Creative

Noun Clause is a Clause which is used instead of functioning as a noun or noun (noun). Noun clause is used as a subject or an object. You can combine two independent clauses by changing one to a noun clause.  Noun Clause can be classified into 4 types, namely:

1. Statement (pernyataan)

To change a statement to a noun clause use that,

ex: I don’t know that she can act very well

{(that) she can act very well is the object of the sentence}

what he does very impressive

{(what he does) is a noun, it is used as the subject of the sentence}

2. Question (pertanyaan)

To change a yes/no question to a noun clause, use if or whether

ex : I don’t know whether he will tell me or not

ex: Do you know where he goes?

To change a wh-question to a noun clause, use the wh-word

I don’t know where he goes {(where he goes) it used as the object}

what he said touched me {(what he said) is a noun clause, it is used as the subject}

Statement word order is always used in a noun clause, even if the main clause is a question

ex: Do you know what time it is?

3. Request (permintaan)

ex:  he asked me to pick up his book

4. Exclamation (seruan)

ex: How beautiful you are!

I didn’t realized how beautiful you are. (exclamation mark is missing)


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