Published Maret 31, 2011 by Be Possitive Be Creative

true love is the love of God. we should not love someone more than our love for God. often we forget what God has given us, for example, we are still given age can increase the reward for us, thanks to the grace of god, still can see our parents, still see the beautiful world. but we must not forget, the world is beautiful, but if we do good and are always grateful, always remember God, the Hereafter will be more beautiful. what we do not get in the world, God willing we get in the next.
we often forget as busy by the affairs of our world, so we forget allah.sibuk work, busy studying, busy with children and are oblivious to our obligation to pray, to be grateful for the gift of the gods. the affairs of our world are not going well or not achieved our goal. God will grant the request of people who are pious. if we want something, then we pray to God. Prayer is divided into 3:
1. prayer will in turn down by the gods, but waiting for the right time
usually turn down prayer in the gods is a noble prayer, which is good. for example: request given more sustenance to dispatch pilgrimage of parents, asking for graduation after the attempt, etc.

2. prayer replaced by a better
prayer which was replaced by the gods, for example: if we have a crush on someone and pray to god for an arranged marriage with a person, god will be replaced with someone better than those we estimate, because the great god knows everything

3. prayer that the gods refused
usually aimed evil prayer, for example: he prayed accidents, etc.


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