Published Maret 29, 2011 by Be Possitive Be Creative

on one day, there was a woman named pill suk who are following the selection of special college entrance music school called kirin school, because she has a very melodious voice and she sings very well then she received well by his headmaster, although she was plump. When in place for selection, he saw someone asleep waiting for his turn, he woke up and asked pil suk “whether it’s my turn?”,  pill suk answered “not yet”, at the time pill suk  fell in love with the man who named jason. Jason is very talented, in addition to have a melodious voice, his handsome face, he was also able to dance with the nimble, so he won the first prize in the selection of school revenue kirin it. At the time of making uniform, pill suks and jason adjacent . when clothes are very large pill suk it on display, pillsuks ran out in shame to jason, jason sees it, he immediately took the uniform and give it  to pil suk, she were very happy.He turns than talented, he’s also very friendly to anyone. In her heart, jason is her Idol highly influenced


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